Super J

Joey who is 9 years old boy is playing in the playground,until he saw an asteroid falling from the sky,boom!cool an asteroid, he touch the asteroid,what’s going on,Joey said,wow,i can fly,that asteroid is not just an asteroid it’s magic asteroid,so when i touch that thing,it gave me a super power,wow,now that’s awesome.

Hi Joey ,who are you,my name is Drevil and i want to kill you,why do you want to kill me?because you are the only one who can defeat me,so I’m going to finish you now before you learn how to use that power,and they fight,i cant kill him now i still have learn how to use this power,i know how to fly but i don’t know how to use my other power.He hide from Drevil and he went to his house to learn how to use the other power,he trained himself hard.And now his for his battle.

Hello Joey,Drevil you can’t beat me now because i prepare for this battle and don’t call me Joey just call me Super J,haaaaa,he kick Drevil’s face hiyah,punch his face,kapow and he use his laser,tzzzzzzzz,booom.Drevil,kick super j,hiyah,punch his face,kapow and he use his other powers,booom.Joey use all of his super power to kill Drevil and then,booom, Joey won because he killed Drevil, one man said who are you,I am  a Super hero.He started to kill all of the bad guys or put them in jail and he said no one can ruin the town now because I’m here to  protect it.